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Breaking Kayfabe #3 w/Louis Kendrick

Welcome to the third edition of Breaking Kayfabe. I am as always, Mr. C.C.. On this edition of Breaking Kayfabe, I am will be talking with an up and coming indy wrestler who went from fan as a child to pro wrestler early in adulthood. He has made his mark in the team ranks from the Midwest to the northeast teaming with Flip Kendrick, his brother. You may know him as Louis Lyndon or formerly Brian Lyndon in Hybrid Wrestling. I am pleased to bring to you this interview with Louis Kendrick

Mr. C.C.: Thanks for taking time to do this.

Louis: No problem. Looking forward to it.

Mr. C.C.: Was getting into wrestling something you always wanted to do or did you just fall into it?

Louis: I was seven or eight, definitely really loved it I'd say. Lost sight of it until about eighth grade and from there I felt like it was something I would do in life. My excitement over ECW and WCW cruiserweights when I look back on it now equated to a want. Seems obvious to me to become apart of wrestling at some point in high school or beyond that.

Mr. C.C.: For those that don't know, you are from Michigan, correct?

Louis: Yes, I reside from Mt. Clemens, MI and at times the campus area of East Lansing as well.

Mr. C.C.: Being as you grew up in Michigan was any local wrestling available to you growing up? Or was it the bigger promotions that would come through town?

Louis: I never was a go to indy wrestling show guy. I probably went to two shows in my life for the purposes of strictly watching wrestling. ROH and WWE. My dad does not like wrestling besides of TV WWE. So I had no one to really take me. Plus I think in the eighth grade I really didn't know anything about indy wrestling. High school was just ECW, WCW, WWE, and me going straight to All Japan [Pro Wrestling] and Toryumon when I got tired of WWE. Wrestling friends of mine did mention IWR and maybe GLAPW [Great Lakes All Pro Wrestling]. But really I had no idea beyond ROH, CZW, and IWA MS for indies at all. I would just buy insane amounts of tapes from RF Video or HighSpots for that.

Mr. C.C.: If your dad doesn't like wrestling aside from the WWE, then who would you say was the first person to introduce you to wrestling?

Louis: My friend Brandon. Parents befriending and a classmate I believe. He was into as was his father. We watched a pay-per-view or two. I remember not being able to stay up for Raw and having to record it. Loved it. It was during the time of your 1-2-3 Kids, Quebecers, The Lex Express, and of course Bret Hart.

Mr. C.C.: So you really got into wrestling just before the Attitude Era?

Louis: Yeah, I was in for a minute. Then once 94' hit I believe I was out again for whatever reason. The Attitude Era brought me back.

Mr. C.C.: So between the big three of the time being WWE, ECW, and WCW, who would you say were influences?

Louis: Influences, hmm. I would say The Rock was one the biggest at the time for me. He had it all. Then the crusierweights were next: Juvi [Juventud Guerrera], Super Crazy, Tajiri, Taka [Michinoku], and Jerry Lynn. I always tuned in for the those matches. For a time I think I even argued that Jerry Lynn was better than Triple H. I was little misguided at the time I feel like. Maybe just not wanting to not be norm and like DX so much.

Mr. C.C.: Certainly some talented individuals. As wrestling evolved, did your influences change?

Louis: Yeah definitely. Taka continues to be in there as well as the Rock. Beyond that I found myself watching shoot style pro wrestling guys like Volk Han and Kiyoshi Tamura. I found time to watch some women's wrestling. Really like the Mariko Yoshida and Jaguar Yokota. Guys like Kenta Kobashi, Jushin Lyger, [Bryan] Danielson, Ikuto Hidaka, CIMA, and newer guy like Prince Devitt. The main thing that really changed me was discovering of the all British style wrestling. Clive Myers is basically my gimmick. I really went away the big leagues I feel like. Just always looking to find the different guy doing the different thing that makes me audibly go "wow."

Mr. C.C.: When did you start actively seeking out wrestling schools? Or were you more self-taught?

Louis: Basically in about 2003 I started getting interested in possibly going pro, but I had no car. I met Josh Raymond, trained with him a couple times. Once in a barn with a guy named Matt Maverick. I also trained with the owner of GLAPW a few times as well. Whoever I could go to with someone else already going. I was done with it though by the end of 03'. I kinda picked up things from various people along the way and got word to debut in 06' in the summer for this place in Ohio called WASP. I also wrestled for AIW [Absolute Intense Wrestling] at that point as well. I got lucky in the fact I knew people and was accepted in with Hybrid Wrestling when they first started. It was around July 2007, where I decided I could be better. I wasn't the worst, but definitely was not good. I had just got a car and decided it was time to go to wrestling school for real. I looked around and found Price of Glory Wrestling. Got lost trying to find a freeway for first time trying to go there. I never had really driven anywhere besides up to east lansing at that time. Wrestled my last match pre-official training that weekend with Josh Prohibition. The next week i started with none other than Josh Raymond as my trainer at Coldwater after all those years. Trained with Keith Creme as well CJ Otis for at least 14 months I feel like there. It was worth it!

Mr. C.C.: Out of all the training you did, who was the one that you say was a mentor to you?

Louis: I feel like Josh taught me the most, but CJ was the guy who took me under wing after he got back from Japan. I feel like he was just prepared for wrestling really well.

Mr. C.C.: Since you were in some ways already broken in to wrestling, besides the training, how did they further along your career in terms of getting booked? Or did they?

Louis: Training helped me get some chances in MI [Michigan], IN [Indiana]. Nothing big, but things I needed to grow I feel like. I kinda stalled really early in my re-debut, but somewhere in august 08' I feel like the training really payed off. Got a chance to meet Ian Rotten and work at IWA Mid South as well as Luchacore. Started to get more work right about then... on a consistent basis.

Mr. C.C.: So from there you, ventured into more of the Midwest circuit with promotions like Heartland Wrestling Association?

Louis: Yes, around that time Hybrid stuff as well Luchacore lead to me actually being heard of it. Simply sending a message and getting a reply back shortly after to do the show. I feel like at that point I had not once been able to do something like that.

Mr. C.C.: In your early days of traveling the Midwest, how was it?

Louis: Well... Fun I would say. Very negative in the pocket, but still worth it I feel. My brother, Jack Verville, and Brian Skyline were usually the four. Got to go Wisconsin, Indiana, Ohio, and to a lesser extent Illnois. Felt like we made countless connections. There was one trip with the trainers that comes to mind that was little rough. I think on the way to Luchacore. Drinking while driving happened on my part. Never again. Riding with trainers was always a different animal than with your peers.

Mr. C.C.: What's the best road story you have out of your whole time in wrestling? Were there any ribs pulled?

Louis: I feel like the people I ride with are really less rib driven. One story the comes to mind... more ridiculous than best. I got to ride around with HUSTLE, SMASH wrestler KUSHIDA. Got to drive him around basically to a couple shows. We had a show on Friday at a place called CWE in Austintown, OH. Went fine. We then went hotel in preparation to pickup Paul Orndorff for IWC on Saturday. Random, yeah. We had continental breakfast at our hotel... Kushida and I that is. We picked up Orndorff at the airport and dropped him off at his hotel, which apparently was different than ours. He wanted us to have continental breakfast with him too. So we had continental breakfast with Paul Orndorff as well. He talked about us being small and needing to eat. He talked about the government. Real akward stuff, heh. We left the hotel and proceeded to go to Elizabeth, PA with my own paper MapQuest directions. A terrible mistake honestly on my part in not having a GPS. I took one wrong turn when we supposed to get off a highway. Ran into the most traffic ever with time ticking for Orndorff to have his autograph session. "Just get off freeway," he says. I proceed to drive off the freeway through some dirt on the road little below. Even more lost now. The main street we were supposed to get off of is pretty much unreachable. Orndorff was subdued, but I can feel the anger rising. It sucked. I call the owner of IWC and directs to go some street. Out of nowhere he appears in front of me driving... we follow and we make it there late. After all that, Kushida, who had said nothing for like the last two hours... says "Oh... are you ok?" I was not... worst day, most ridiculous road story. Don't get lost with a veteran, it sucks.

Mr. C.C.: That's a crazy story. Did you mark out when you met Ondorff?

Louis: I mean I knew of him, not so much of his work at the time. I marked out that I was driving a guy who had been on the first WrestleMania. Very surreal.

Mr. C.C.: Now that you've had a number of years in wrestling, have gone back to the wrestling of past and studied up and watched it to gain a better understanding of where the business has come from and just basically learn?

Louis: Yes definitely. I had gone back to watch older WCW, NWA, World Sport stuff, and WWE stuff. I was very caught up on the new stuff or just Japanese stuff when I first started. I have realized that there so much good stuff from back in the day. I was not watching Arn Anderson or even [Ricky] Steamboat a few years ago. Definitely has changed. I want to be as well rounded as I can be.

Mr. C.C.: I know you mentioned who your influences and mentors are, but watching the older pre-90s stuff, who would you say are influences from the kayfabe/golden age of wrestling/"wrasslin" eras?

Louis: Hmm, from that age I would say Tiger Mask or Ricky Steamboat. An actually I forgot about it, but man Randy Savage is one the best ever. He is had it all kinda like Rock for me.

Mr. C.C.: For those that don't really know much about you, what kind of gimmick do you have?

Louis: I am not a martial artist. The gimmick is that I am big fan kung fu movies and even martial art inspired video games to the point that I believe I am a star in a kung fu movie. Through watching the movie "Snake in Eagle Shadow" I acquired the ability to use Snake Style... I think.

Mr. C.C.: What is your wrestling style? How have you adapted your gimmick into your wrestling style?

Louis: On the surface, I am pretty much your traditional super junior I would say. Some highflying, some submissions, and some strking type deal. I definitely feel the gimmick adds a little more theatrics and excitement. I throw poses out, trips, and even kicks that are movie inspired. It adds another flavor to just being a junior.

Mr. C.C.: What ring names do you go under or do you just go under Louis Kendrick?

Louis: I go by Louis Lyndon exclusively currently. I have gone by Brian Lyndon in Hybrid, but it has since changed.

Mr. C.C.: Right now you are mainly a tag team wrestler. How did you get to teaming with Flip Kendrick as the tag team Aeroform? Where did the team name come from?

Louis: Well, basically, I guess people thought since we were brothers and rode together we would make a good team. Never had planned to be a tag wrestler at all. It started in AIW in 08' kinda grew from there. Aeroform is a tricking move and we thought Aero - Aerial and Form - Martial Forms would go well together. People had trouble with the name and meaning. We had planned to change it, but Gabe Sapolsky decided we should keep it for EVOLVE. Decided at that point we would just go with it. Has worked out and not been as mispronounced since then.

Mr. C.C.: Speaking of Gabe Sapolsky, I recently interviewed him. How did you get involved in working for him in Dragon Gate USA and EVOLVE?

Louis: Good question. Hmm... I think he saw a video of the JAPW Best of Light Heavyweights in 2008. He sent Flip and I emails about more footage. He liked enough that I got a chance to be in the first Fray of the debut DGUSA show. It was awesome. He booked me for the Jeff Peterson Cup of 2009 as well. From there he told me of the his plan to start in EVOLVE and bam here we are. Got really lucky, some dude (Lee Okami) put us over (Flip and I) on a JAPW message board in 2008 from our work at Hybrid. Changed everything for the good.

Mr. C.C.: How do you both get into Heartland Wrestling Association? I seen your TLC match for the HWA Tag Team Championships which was really good.

Louis: Well, they had seen our work from other promotions basically, plus I had some standing already. At that point we had done IPW for most of 2009... a sister promotion basically. High flyers were needed so they called us.

Mr. C.C.: Now, Les Thatcher has severed ties with HWA. Was he there at the time you both got your starts in the promotion?

Louis: No, not all. I am not sure when he left, but I have only heard of him.

Mr. C.C.: Have you done work outside of the United States in Japan, UK, Europe, etc. or have you stuck to working in the United States?

Louis: Only the US. I am hopeful the resume will increase at some point.

Mr. C.C.: If you had to pick three places outside of the United States to apply your craft, where would they be?

Louis: Easy Japan (DDT), Mexico (CMLL), and somewhere in the UK. Really the only first two matter to me.

Mr. C.C.: Which three promotions would you like to debut for if you had the chance? In the United States that is.

Louis: WWE, ROH, and PWG.

Mr. C.C.: Nice choices for promotions. As you've been paying your dues, have you worked in some bad promotions for some bad promoters?

Louis: Nothing overly bad. One promotion in the Grand Rapids I have been too. No names necessary... just plain terrible. Be it money or just a bad show. Nothing else has been overtly bad. EWF in IN [Indiana] was little rough. Locker room was like ice... with one small heater. Definitely a place only early in your career.

Mr. C.C.: Out of all the feuds you've had whether it be in singles or tag team competition, who have been some of your favourites to feud against?

Louis: Haven't been in many feuds really, but the set of two matches and the four way ladder match I had with Marion Fontaine in Hybrid is probably my favorite. Very entertaining stuff.

Mr. C.C.: Where do you see yourself in wrestling in five years?

Louis: Either out of the business or doing something big in wrestling. Not really one to hang out if things aren't working. Hopefully, I had a big break or something and I am still in it by then.

Mr. C.C.: If you do end up retiring in five years, which wrestlers would like to work with if you have the chance?

Louis: Wow, hmm. Lets go with El Generico, Prince Devitt, Jushin Lyger, Kenny Omega, and CIMA.

Mr. C.C.: Just before I wrap this up, I will play a game of word association. Say the first thing that comes to mind when I name a person. Flip Kendrick.

Louis: Crazy.

Mr. C.C.: Jon Moxley.

Louis: Promos.

Mr. C.C.: Johnny Gargano.

Louis: Afro stealer.

Mr. C.C.: [Laughs] I seen that picture.

Louis: Yeah, always seems to have it when I'm looking for it.

Mr. C.C.: Gabe Sapolsky.

Louis: Opportunity.

Mr. C.C.: "Fat" Frank Iadevaia.

Louis: Negotiator.

Mr. C.C.: Josh Prohibition.

Louis: Solid (worker).

Mr. C.C.: Up In Smoke (Cheech and Cloudy).

Louis: Not high (do they even smoke?).

Mr. C.C.: Tim Donst.

Louis: Jukebox.

Mr. C.C.: The Irish Airborne (Dave and Jake Crist).

Louis: Unexpected.

Mr. C.C.: Arik Cannon

Louis: Hilarious.

Mr. C.C.: Last one, Reid Flair.

Louis: Surprising.

Mr. C.C.: One more, Hallowicked and Jigsaw.

Louis: Tremendous.

Mr. C.C.: Anything you would like to plug or promote like a website, MySpace, or upcoming events?

Louis: Yes, AAW has a show this Friday. Details for that are at . Also, check out, AIW Wrestling November 26th. Info at!/event.php?eid=143603935682408 . Both are a great time.

Mr. C.C.: Anyways to keep in contact with you like Twitter, MySpace, or website?

Louis: You can find me at on MySpace, as well as on Twitter.

Mr. C.C.: Thanks for your time and continued success in wrestling!

Louis: Thank you. It was a good time.

Twitter: @RyoCoola

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