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Breaking Kayfabe #1 w/Austin "Consequences" Creed

Welcome to the first edition of Breaking Kayfabe. Breaking Kayfabe is pleased to do the inaugural interview with former TNA superstar Austin “Consequences Creed.

Mr. C.C.: Thanks for taking the time to do this.

Creed: No at problem man, thanks for doing it.

Mr. C.C.: Everybody knows about your TNA release. How did that come about? Was it mutual, or did TNA say “thanks for coming out, goodbye?”

Creed: In regards to my release, they just did not having anything for me creative wise. So rather then holding on to me and keep me from pursuing other avenues, they decided to let me go.

Mr. C.C.: You felt it was better to do that, then just lounge around per se not doing much?

Creed: Yeah, I think at this moment in time it was the best thing for me and TNA. They are going in a new direction and I really did not fit into where they were going so it is all for the best.

Mr. C.C.: But if that was the case of going in a new direction, why did they keep Jay Lethal?

Creed: We are two totally different kinds of characters and his [character] has some use with all of the new things going on as to where mine did not. It looks like it is becoming less kid oriented and with me being super kid oriented, it just did not work out.

Mr. C.C.: Now being that TNA is trying to hit the 18-35 demographic and you being and you being oriented towards kids, have you entertained the idea of going to the WWE?

Creed: I’ve entertained the idea of wrestling wherever I would fit. As one door closes, another one opens, and wherever that next door takes me is where I will land.

Mr. C.C.: As of now, you are content to working the North American indy circuit?

Creed: Right now I’m having a blast working the worldwide indy circuit. I’ve been hitting Canada for anime/comic conventions and I’ll be heading to Japan in May. So things are working out alright for me.

Mr. C.C.: Speaking of Canada, how was Wizard World?

Creed: OMG! It was awesome! I met these guys that made a comic called “Bad Kids Go to Hell.” The only thing is that its not for kids, but if you’re old enough, then I definitely put my stamp of approval on it!

Mr. C.C: I noticed on the card you teamed with Elmo, how did that go?

Creed: That didn’t go through. I heard something about it, but I never saw Elmo [says with a sad face]. I wrestled a guy named Hornet who was from Fiji and he was really good.

Mr. C.C.: I laughed and thought it was awesome you were initially scheduled to work with Elmo.

Creed: Yeah, I hear that he is amazing in the ring! [Laughs].

Mr. C.C.: How was it getting to see other TNA stars again like Kevin Nash, former Knockout Traci Brooks, and wrestling legends like Demolition, Iron Sheik, Honky Tonk Man, among others at Wizard World?

Creed: It was nice getting the chance to see and talk to them. Finally catch up with friends after not having seen them for a while. Demolition are always great to see and they are two of the nicest guys that I have met while in wrestling. [Iron] Sheik was [Iron] Sheik which means he was awesome as usual [laughs]. It was all around a really good time.

Mr. C.C.: If invited back, you would defiantly go?

Creed: [Laughs]. I am going back next month! This time it’s Anime North, but it’s the same people running the wrestling show. So it should be another good time.

Mr. C.C.: I know Great Canadian Wrestling is know for putting on big wrestling conventions. The events they put on are very well run and professional?

Creed: This is true, they are great professional organization and sometimes that is hard to find on the indys.

Mr. C.C.: So while you have been paying your dues, you have worked for unprofessional promoters and promotions?

Creed: Wrestling is just like every other job on the planet. You are going to run into shady unprofessional people. But that’s just a part of life in general?

Mr. C.C.: Very true. Now going to back to TNA, have you watched much of TNA iMPACT, pay-per-view etc. since being released.

Creed: Yeah, of course. If you are going to be a wrestler, I feel that you need to watch as much wrestling as possible.

Mr. C.C.: The reason I asked is because other wrestlers have said they don’t watch the product, example former WWE superstars.

Creed: Got ya. Well, each person has their own thing and is going to do things differently. I still have a lot to learn about wrestling and in order to get better at something, you have to study it. Since we don’t have textbooks, watching is how I do it.

Mr. C.C.: With learning as you go and watch tapes and such, what style or wrestler do you study mostly or do you watch or everything possible?

Creed: I really watch everything I can get my hands on. There isn’t one specific style that I try to replicate, but I try to take a little from over here and a little from over there to create my own thing.

Mr. C.C.: Who was the first wrestler that inspired you to learn their style and just learn in general?

Creed: Honestly, I have no idea. I’ve wanted to wrestle for as long as I can remember, But as for favourite wrestlers, it’s 2 Cold Scorpio, Brian Pillman, and Crash Holly. There totally different guys, but they are all at the top of my list because they are/were amazing.

Mr. C.C.: Very true. The Brian Pillman DVD showed how much he absorbed the business. Is that something you are to do and continue to be a life long student of the wrestling?

Creed: Of course, I learned a lot from watching that DVD, especially the way he was able to sell himself. H wasn’t the biggest guy, but he managed to make it to the top and that was really inspiring.

Mr. C.C.: Knowing that Pillman trained at the famed Hart Family Dungeon and Stampede Wrestling, if you had the opportunity would have you have gone up to Calgary to train and follow in his footsteps?

Creed: If the opportunity arose then of course! But by no means would I do something purely because someone else has done it. I do not want to be like anyone else and I don’t want to compare myself to anyone else. I am me and I do what I what I do because that is where my life takes me.

Mr. C.C.: I feel the same way. A lot of people have compared Brian Kendrick and John Morrison as the Shawn Michaels. Is giving such a comparison sometimes setting them up for failure?

Creed: You can only be as good as you can be and I feel that you can’t compare people to others or say things like that because everyone is different in their own way. So setting them up for failure no. Both guys are great athletes and they both already shown that they are not failures in this business.

Mr. C.C.: I didn’t necessarily mean failures, but more they can’t live up to that comparison/

Creed: You can’t really rate something until it’s done because you don’t know what is going to happen along the way. Anyone could live up to the expectations of other people, but what’s important is that they live up to the expectation they set for themselves.

Mr. C.C.: That is something you live by and try to instil in your younger fans?

Creed: Yes. I believe that we are role models. When I was a kid I looked up to these wrestlers and wanted to be just like them. So regardless of what people may think and whether they want to be or not, we are role models. That means that we need to show these kids that look up to us some sort of morals, manners, and rules to live by. We can’t get in trouble in our personal lives because that effects the children that look up to us. That’s my soap box and I’ll get down before I really get going. [Laughs].

Mr. C.C.: [Laughs]. As the fans may or may not know, you are studying to get your doctorate in childhood autism, how is that going?

Creed: I’m actually doing homework while we are talking. Multitasking is one of my many talents. [Laughs]. Yeah, I’m shooting my for my PhD in educational psychology and it’s going well. I’ve got a few more years left and then you’ll have to call me Dr. Creed!!!

Mr. C.C.: You will be a real doctor unlike Dr. Stevie claims to be. I remember watching the episode of the Spin Cycle and you two went back and forth on that.

Creed: Yeah, [laughs], that was a pretty funny episode.

Mr. C.C.: Once you get your doctorate in your field of study, will you retire from wrestling or will you do both wrestle and practice educational psychology?

Creed: Retire?! NO WAY! Wrestling is my number one. My education will be there for me to land when I’m no longer able to do this stuff anymore.

Mr. C.C.: You will be the second wrestler who is a doctor that I know of. The other is Shawn Stasiuk.

Creed: He is in chiropractic something isn’t it?

Mr. C.C.: Yes, but he also has an interest in getting back into wrestling.

Creed: Got ya.

Mr. C.C.: You said that you will be heading to Japan in May. Which promotion will you be touring with?

Creed: That will be May 8th with New Japan [Pro Wrestling]. And I will begin teaming with Kota Ibushi in a tag team tournament. This will be my first time going to Japan and I’ve been gunning for it a while now. From what I hear, it is awesome over there. They have video games, anime, and pro wrestling. My three favourite things!!!

Mr. C.C.: Kota Ibushi is very good in he ring. I seen a match he did in Chikara with Jigsaw, El Generico, and one of the Young Bucks. It was very good.

Creed: His high flying abilities are through the roof!

Mr. C.C.: Yes they are and you will make a unique pair. But this tournament is an annual tag team tournament?

Creed: Yes, from what I understand, this will be an annual thing and this is the first year!

Mr. C.C.: So you are making history by participating in the first one. What is the name of the tournament?

Creed: It’s the Super J Tag Tournament or Super J Tag Cup/Super J-Cup.

Mr. C.C.: From what I am reading, this tournament is a companion to the Super J-Cup.

Creed: Yeah, it’s the companion tournament. Same concept, but just tag teams instead of singles.

Mr. C.C.: Should be a great tournament for both singles and tag teams. Aside from Japan, have you got any offers to wrestle in Europe, UK, Mexico, etc.?

Creed: Possibly going to France, possibly, but other than the Japan show and my Canadian stuff, I have not set up any other international shows. But all my information can be found at and on my Twitter @AustinCreed.

Mr. C.C.: In France, would you be working with NWA France (ICWA) or NWE?

Creed: Not sure, but I’ll be sure to let everyone know if things come through.

Mr. C.C.: Alright. Word association. I will name some people an you say the first thing that comes to mind.

Creed: Got it.

Mr. C.C.: Jeff Jarrett.

Creed: Guitar

Mr. C.C.: Jay Lethal.

Creed: Oh yeah!

Mr. C.C.: Dixie Carter.

Creed: TNA.

Mr. C.C.: Jim Cornette.

Creed: Tennis racquet.

Mr. C.C.: Beer Money, Inc..

Creed: Drunk.

Mr. C.C.: Since I know you talk to him on Twitter, Jesse Neal.

Creed: NO MERCY!

Mr. C.C.: A.J. Styles.

Creed: Dropkick.

Mr. C.C.: Vince Russo.

Creed: Beard.

Mr. C.C.: Hermie Sadler.

Creed: Nice.

Mr. C.C.: Kevin Nash

Creed: Hilarious.

Mr. C.C.: Rob Terry.

Creed: Large.

Mr. C.C.: Brutus Magnus.

Creed: British.

Mr. C.C.: Doug Williams.

Creed: Uppercut.

Mr. C.C.: Finally, Christopher Daniels.

Creed: Leader.

Mr. C.C.: Anything you would like to plug like upcoming shows and whatnot?

Creed: Just go to the website, and the Twitter @XavierWoodsPhD.

Mr. C.C.: Well, thanks for your time and good luck with your studies and continued success in wrestling.

Creed: No problem, thank you for the interview.

Twitter: @XavierWoodsPhD

Note: This interview was conducted in April of 2010 and since then, Creed has signed a WWE developmental deal. He is now under the name Xavier Woods.

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