Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Breaking Kayfabe #5 w/Chris Dickinson

Hey yo and welcome to another edition of Breaking Kayfabe. I am as always, Mr. C.C.. On this edition of Breaking Kayfabe, I will be bringing to you this interview with an up and coming indy wrestler who got break in the northeast. He has worked for such promotions as JAPW and EVOLVE. He has hopes of working in other promotions across the United States and the world. He is currently on half of the JAPW Tag Team Champions and one half of the tag team the United States Death Machine, Chris Dickinson.

Mr. C.C.: Thanks for taking time to do this.

Chris: No problem.

Mr. C.C.: The last year of your career has been a big one for you, would you agree that its been the biggest year yet?

Chris: Yeah, without a doubt. I've done a lot of traveling and been fortunate enough to be exposed to a much wider audience through bigger and better bookings but in actuality it's really just the beginning.

Mr. C.C.: With all the traveling you've done, you to always seem comeback to the northeast. Is that to give back to the area that you got your start in?

Chris: Well I live in New York City, so it's my base of operations and most of my bookings are in the northeast anyways. It's definitely a trip working for JAPW which is a company that I followed as a fan since 2000. I really would love to work for CZW and doing EVOLVE has been an interesting experience. As far as ROH goes, I'd love to be over there too and I look foward to hitting everywhere. Northeast is always going to be a big place for indy wrestling.

Mr. C.C.: Where and how did you get into wrestling?

Chris: It's funny... I was hanging out with my girlfriend at my mom's house and she asked my mom when it was that I started saying I was going to be a professional wrestler and my mom claims I was at least five or six years old. So yeah, it's always been a big dream of mine. As far as getting involved, I was about 14 years old when I first walked into the Charity Hall in Bayonne, NJ and attended my first class at the JAPW school they had back then. I picked up the basics pretty quick and eventually JAPW [wrestling school] folded and I bounced around with Magic who was the trainer wherever he would go to train guys. Whenever people asked about my trainers it seems like Magic never gets enough credit in the midst of all the [Ricky] Steamboat, [Harley] Race, and Guido questions I usually get but fact is Magic to this day is like a father to me. He took me under his wing and treated me like a son. He would pick me up three times a week for training when I was still in high school and got me all my first bookings from the time I was 14 to 16. He never asked for anything and I love this man dearly. He's still a close friend and deserves all the credit in the world for training ALOT of cats that you've watched over the years.

Mr. C.C.: Even though some might say you are a veteran with having that many years under your belt, do you still feel like you are not where you want to be with your level of skills in the ring?

Chris: I don't think I'll ever be happy when it comes to that. Anyone in the business that's going anywhere knows you should always be striving to take it to the next level every time you step in the ring. I don't want to be the same wrestler I was the last time I trained let alone wrestled a match. I'm always trying to constantly improve as quickly as possible because I'm so competitive and sometimes I can even be my own worst enemy. Sometimes things just happen naturally but if youre not constantly trying to better your own skills then don't waste your time with professional wrestling.

Mr. C.C.: That mentality of getting better and pushing yourself has allowed you to go places in wrestling you've wanted to go so far?

Chris: I believe so, like I said before when I was 14, 15, 16 years old training and doing small indy shows my goal was to be doing exactly what I'm doing right now. Am I happy? Of course, but in life you get to a certain level no matter what it is and it's up to you to either advance or stay where you're at. It doesn't have to be wrestling, it can be anything. It honestly takes a while for me sometimes to sit back and realize all the cool stuff I've been able to do but I'm usually more consumed with what I need to do to advance than dwelling on the past or the present.

Mr. C.C.: Currently, you are half of the JAPW Tag Team Champions. Now I know that Sami Callihan and yourself were feuding before they teamed you two up. Was becoming JAPW Tag Team Champions something that was going to happen initially when you two started teaming together?

Chris: I really don't think so to be honest. Obviously you should always be striving to be the top guy or guys in this situation and in some honest cases a title means you are doing something right. Sami and I kinda came together out of nowhere after we had a really brutal match at a show that unfortunately was not taped, but it was really one of my best matches and I think he felt the same so we formed the Death Machine out of mutual respect for each other and next thing you know we are the champs. I feel Sami like myself is always trying to improve no matter what it is, he is a super hard worker and always trying to outdo himself whenever possible. We share alot of the same ideas just as much as we are competitive with each other and its truly a pleasure to work with him in any situation.

Mr. C.C.: How did the team name United States Death Machine come about?

Chris: My theme is a song by a band called Austrian Death Machine titled "Get to the Choppa." We both love them, we are a machine, we bring death, and thats the story.

Mr. C.C.: Never heard of that band. But giving yourselves a team name is a throwback to old school days when some teams would do that instead of just using their names you would say?

Chris: Of course. I love old school everything. Sadly on the main stage here in the [United] States, tag teams are a joke nowadays, but on the indies, especially the last few years, I've seen a ton of awesome tag team stuff. I love tag team wrestling in general.

Mr. C.C.: I agree that tag team wrestling in the United States has been lacking. Which tag teams have been some of your favourite teams to compete against and with?

Chris: Well we've only had a few matches so far but I think it would be a lie to say anyone else but the Garden State Gods. The Hit Squad is going to be something else.

Mr. C.C.: I was going to ask about The Hit Squad. How pumped up are you to be going up against a legendary JAPW tag team?

Chris: I'm very excited. Hit Squad were a big reason I got into indy wrestling as much as I did when I was 14. They were on the first real modern indy show I went to and I was hooked on them since then. They were like an institution in the northeast. I have had a picture of them hanging on my wall since I was 14 and that's a shoot. I don't care who calls me a mark. I loved those guys and now I have nothing but respect for them.

Mr. C.C.: Most people in the business start out as marks. So I don't see being one as a bad thing.

Chris: We are all marks. No matter which way you put it, everyone's a mark.

Mr. C.C.: Exactly. Aside from the northeast, where else are you looking to travel and wrestle and in what promotions if you could?

Chris: I would love to go anywhere that wants to have me. But like I said before, ROH is a next step I need to begin to take and PWG would be amazing. The big picture for me is Japan. Its been my main goal since breaking in and personally I would LOVE to work for Pro Wrestling NOAH. They promote the style of wrestling I love the most and I feel I would fit in well there.

Mr. C.C.: Well, I do hope you get those opportunities in the near future. Any upcoming shows that you are a part of that you want mention?

Chris: All of the JAPW stuff is going to be awesome, check them out at JAPW.NET. We are doing joint stuff with CZW too, they always deliver. I think I'll be back at FORCE 1 when they start running. Please do yourselves a favor and check out everything from BEYOND Wrestling, that's my heart and soul right there. Honestly support ALL indy wrestling. There is something out there for everyone and it all deserves your attention.

Mr. C.C.: I agree. Support all indy wrestling. Well, once again thanks for your time and continued success in wrestling.

Chris: Thanks for having me, it was cool talking to you!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Breaking Kayfabe #4 w/Scotty Mac

Hey yo and welcome to another edition of Breaking Kayfabe. I am as always, Mr. C.C.. On this edition of Breaking Kayfabe I am bringing to you an interview with a man who got his start in Extreme Canadian Championship Wrestling in the late and early 2000s getting training in Can-Am Wrestling from Rob Gillespie then in ECCW's House of Pain from Chance Beckett and Michelle Starr. From there he went on to be a five time ECCW Heavyweight Champion while
competing for them. Aside from competing in ECCW, he has competed in various other promotions along the Pacific northwest. He has always stuck close to ECCW becoming one of the promotions most familiar and popular superstars while becoming the current two NWA Canadian Heavyweight Champion and new owner of ECCW. I am pleased to bring you this interview with Canadian indy superstar Scotty Mac.

Mr. C.C.: Thanks for taking time to do this.

Scotty: No problem.

Mr. C.C.: How did you get started in wrestling?

Scotty: When I was 19 I started training. My buddy got a job in radio in
Alberta and I went with him. I got started with Steve Gillespie and Can-Am
Wrestling. Then I went to ECCW and started training with Michelle Starr, Chance
Beckett, and the House of Pain.

Mr. C.C.: I know you had a feud with Black Dragon.

Scotty: Brett Como aka the Black Dragon was a big influence on me. I did a
program with him [Black Dragon] and won my first Heavyweight Championship in a
steel cage match.

Mr. C.C.: He [Black Dragon] was one of your first big feuds?

Scotty: He was, but I also had big matches against Dr. Luther, Juggernaut, and
Christopher Daniels. That was during the time when they were bringing in guys
like Steve Corino, Tommy Dreamer, and Jim "The Anvil" Niedhart.

Mr. C.C.: I know you did Halloween Hell last weekend and it is your biggest show
of the year.

Scotty: It is. it is our biggest show of the year. Steel cage match once a
year. Don't want to give it to them every month and over do it. We also had a
fans brings the weapons match. We had a lot of weapons from keyboards, fire
extinguishers, jello mold with brass knucks in it, etc..

Mr. C.C.: From the pictures I've seen, the keyboard had blood on it.

Scotty: Yes, there were a lot of keys flying around. Halloween Hell is our
biggest show and it gives our fans their money's worth. It was an extreme
lumberjack fans bring the weapons match. It was just a crazy match that was very
well worked by all.

Mr. C.C.: It was for the NWA Canadian Heavyweight Championship as I understand

Scotty: Yes.

Mr. C.C.: How do you feel being in a class of legends like Dino Bravo, Angelo
Mosca, etc.?

Scotty: It's very cool being in the company of such great talent and the longest
reigning champion in history is an honour. I became the longest reigning
champion last year.

Mr. C.C.: How did you get to be the new owner of ECCW?

Scotty: There is a new ownership group in place and Dave (Republic) wanted to
move away from being in professional wrestling.

Mr. C.C.: As I understand it, Dave wanted to pursue other interests outside of

Scotty: He still has a political interest in pro wrestling and MMA out here. He
hasn't been as hands on with with ECCW in the last couple of years. But his
involvement with professional wrestling still remains in the political side.

Mr. C.C.: Have you helped Dave Republic in his bid to bring WrestleMania to

Scotty: I personally haven't had any involvement, but would like help him in
anyway I can. Dave Republic has influenced me in many ways and as I said, would
love to help him in his bid for WrestleMania.

Mr. C.C.: Would you go to another promotion or bring in someone for a show in

Scotty: There isn't a lot of money to bring in outside talent. I've worked for
Mike Davidson and WXF out of Winnipeg. I've worked in Quebec, did the Northern
Tour, Iowa, Ireland, and other places.

Mr. C.C.: Would you like to work in Saskatchewan.

Scotty: Saskatchewan, yeah, if things worked out. If I was traveling out that
way and a promotion wanted to book me then yeah. If a promotion wanted to book
the me or whoever was the NWA Canadian Heavyweight Champion , then they or I
would go. I'd love to travel to as many places as possible.

Mr. C.C.: Do you put your shows on DVD?

Scotty: We've had mainly Halloween Hell and Pacific Cup on DVD. We've been
putting matches on the Internet. We've been putting matches out on YouTube.
There is not a lot of money to go around. We have a lot of women's wrestling
and we'd love to put that on DVD. There is a lot of talent in the Pacific northwest
and want to showcase it. We had guys named Mattis Wild and Austin Spencer work
for us and got signed to FCW. Davey Richards was here before being with ROH.

Mr. C.C.: I know that you got to do some work with WWE. How was that?

Scotty: It was a great experience. I wish had more of an opportunity to work
longer there.

Mr. C.C.: So you didn't get as much time as you wanted to show what you can do?

Scotty: We were looking for time in front of the agents. But the first two days
we were not in the ring. The third day was brief. Being a smaller wrestler,
you really have to impress with what you can do. Guys like [Bryan] Danielson,
Kaval, and Evan Bourne are too good not to sign. That's how I'd like to be

Mr. C.C.: That is where ROH have it right by having Danielson as their World
Champion and TNA have it right with the X Division.

Scotty: They are ahead of the WWE in that way. The WWE is the standard though.
But they have to realize that people fans don't want to see guys signed because
they are 6'5" but because they are good. A fan can believe can that a guy of
[Rey] Mysterio's size and of Danielson's size can beat a bigger guy.

Mr. C.C.: The WWE has realized that by making Rey Mysterio the World Heavyweight

Scotty: If you look at smaller wrestlers like Shawn Michaels and Bret Hart, they
paved the way in the 90s. Then [Eddie] Guerrero and [Chris] Benoit made it so
even smaller guys get a chance. It was cool to see them at WrestleMania 20 to
see them both holding up the WWE and World Heavyweight Championships. It's good
to see the smaller guys getting the push.

Mr. C.C.: So we are getting back to cruiserweights, junior heavyweights, and
light heavyweights being the top guys?

Scotty: There is room for all sorts of shapes and sizes.

Mr. C.C.: Have you ever worked with someone who got themselves over at your
expense to make themselves look better?

Scotty: Not too much thankfully.

Mr. C.C.: I've asked for this before on the ECCW forums, but Madison, Ladies
Choice, and yourself were on a TV program on MTV years ago entitled "Select."
Ladies Choice put a choke on the host Brian Adler and walked off. Was that
supposed to happen?

Scotty: He [Ladies Choice] marches to the beat of his own drummer. He does what
he wants, when he wants. Thankfully my friendship with Brian Adler made it work.

Mr. C.C.: When I seen it, I wondered if that was real.

Scotty: It gave us some exposure that we didn't have before. Brian Adler was
the reason I was able to meet Screech. He told me that he was going to be
there, so my partner [Dropkick Murphy] and I went down and met him.

Mr. C.C.: That's awesome meeting someone you grow up watching.

Scotty: I loved "Saved by the Bell."

Mr. C.C.: Any upcoming shows for ECCW or your self personally?

Scotty: ECCW is better then it's ever been. It's a great show from top to
bottom. No filler. Hopefully we will have Kyle O'Reilly back for Seasons
Beatings on December 26th. I hope to make ECCW bigger and better then it's ever

Mr. C.C.: Speaking of Kyle O'Reilly, he has done well for himself.

Scotty: Yes. He's been doing stuff with ROH and will be big in 2011.

Mr. C.C.: I know he does work for EVOLVE and I recently interviewed Gabe
Sapolsky and he also said that O'Reilly will be a superstar.

Scotty: He's relocated to St. Louis and when we get him it's great. But 2011
will be a big year for him. Tenille Tayla and KC Spinelli will be on a Tough
Enough style reality show on a new channel called The Cave entitled "World of
Hurt." It is done by the Lance Storm wrestling school.

Mr. C.C.: I know that Billy Suede is one of the first guys from Lance Storm's
school to work in ECCW.

Scotty: He is a great talent. He is a smaller guy like me and can see him
following in the footsteps of Kyle O'Reilly.

Mr. C.C.: Let's do some word association and say the first thing that comes to mind.

Scotty: Sure.

Mr. C.C.: Aaron Idol.

Scotty: Amazing talent and potential that will never come to be. Vision
imparement and shoulder injury that put him on the sideline. He could of been
with Dragon Gate and ROH. One of the best I've been in the ring with.

Mr. C.C.: Dave Republic.

Scotty: Generous, big heart, very intelligent, and amazing friend.

Mr. C.C.: Chance Beckett.

Scotty: One of the most gifted wrestlers to lace up the boots. But his personal demons got the better of him. I got the honour and privilege of getting to train and wrestle with him. I don't what he would have been able to accomplish if he was able to conquer his personal demons.

Mr. C.C.: Vance Nevada.

Scotty: [Laughs] Wrestling historian. Excellent at wrestling politics and a
pleasure to be in the ring with.

Mr. C.C.: Davey Richards

Scotty: Intense and a little bit mysterious. Him and I were always cool. Had
some of my best matches with him.

Mr. C.C.: Dropkick Murphy

Scotty: Full of personality. Just a lot of fun to watch. He came out with me
for my match and Bridgeview Hall in Surrey went nuts. That was his return.

Mr. C.C.: Sid Sylum.

Scotty: Protege at one point. He has the tools to make something of himself in

Mr. C.C.: Ravenous Randy.

Scotty: Charismatic and absolutely hilarious. One of the best guys I've met.

Mr. C.C.: Nicole Matthews.

Scotty: Hmmm, stumped me on this one. Techincally sound and will one day be
regarded as one of the top female workers in North America. She will be in the
league as Sara Del Rey and Cheerleader Melissa

Mr. C.C.: Puma/TJ Perkins.

Scotty: I don't know him that well. Looks like a very talented young man.
Another one of those smaller guys that's talented and hopefully doesn't get

Mr. C.C.: Ray Brooks.

Scotty: "Southern Comfort," one of the nicest guys I've met.

Mr. C.C.: When I first started getting into the promotion he was called "the
Jobbers of Jobbers."

Scotty: Oh, yes. Him, Moondog Manson, and Ladies Choice have been there in ECCW the longest.

Mr. C.C.: Ivory/Lisa Moretti.

Scotty: I was in the corner of Rebecca Knox when she lost the SuperGirls
Championship. Then after she lost, I got kicked in the nuts. I did a mixed tag match with her [Moretti]. She seems like a good person.

Mr. C.C.: You didn't get to talk to her much?

Scotty: Not much, but very good wrestler.

Mr. C.C.: Eric Young.

Scotty: Eric Young was before my time. Dropkick [Murphy] trained with him.
Went to TNA last year and got to meet him. Friends with Angelina Love and said
hello to Kazarian and [Christopher] Daniels and met him briefly. Don't know him that well.

Mr. C.C.: Nelson Creed.

Scotty: I like him personally, but don't get along with him professionally. One of
the few guys I don't have a professional relationship with. Good wrester, lacks charisma.

Mr. C.C.: The Cremator

Scotty: Great big man that I like for to realize his potential.

Mr. C.C.: Bryan Danielson

Scotty: A privilege and honour to have worked with. He could very well be the
best in the world.

Mr. C.C.: Christopher Daniels.

Scotty: Amazing in the ring and outside of the ring.

Mr. C.C.: Thanks for your time.

Scotty: No problem. Look forward to talking to you again.

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